Speak out the Word of Life – dispelling darkness, death and destruction

Speak out the Word of Forgiveness – dispelling guilt, despair and hatred.

Speak out the Word of Restoration – dispelling brokenness, hopelessness and depression

Speak out the Word of Restitution – dispelling disunity, disloyalty and separation

Speak out the Word of Healing – dispelling pain, fear and uncertainty.

Speak out in Power – dispelling all doubt, dismay and sadness.

Speak out in Confidence – dispelling all concern, self-consciousness and self-doubt.

Speak out in Boldness – dispelling all dread, self-loathing and hesitation

Speak out in Love – dispelling all abuse, neglect and isolation.

Speak out in Humility – dispelling all arrogance, selfishness and pride.

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