Sunday 4th August

As I prayed for our land and our government the Lord showed me Stormont. The rooms and windows were closed and you could not see in. Suddenly the Lord breathed new life into the building that blew through the rooms and opened the doors. The windows flew open and light streamed in. Dust moved like a cloud and left every surface looking polished and ready. Those in our political parties gathered in rooms not usually used for those meetings and sang their own note. As all parties involved sang their musical notes the collection of noise made a beautiful harmony. As this noise rang out across the land the cogs of the education and health systems started turning. The rusty cogs that had been stopped for so long were oiled and moved fluidly, and the Lord blessed both the health system and the education system financially. New appointments were made of ministers and those who had been poor stewards of their position lost authority. 

In this new season of our land the Lord will bless the faithful and appoint those He can trust into office. There will be a complete reshuffling and a restructuring over the next 2 months. 

The past is in the past and we shall move forward and see God once again lead us to where we need to be. 

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