Monday 29th July

Behold, I am doing a new thing. I have sent rain to cleanse and refresh the land. I am positioning and mobilising people into their call. Where there are pockets of people who do not know Me or who despise My name, I will place My faithful. They will be a light and a representation of who I am. I am exposing enemy tactics and holding My people accountable. I will no longer allow immorality and man’s agenda to be pushed forward in My name. 
My lost are crying out for rescue and need Me, and I am coming. There are foolish among my people who proclaim to know Me, but they do not realise the error of their ways and that they too need rescued. 
The next season has begun, and the hungry and the faithful will step forward at My call. There will be another shift in government in Northern  Ireland. Pray now for the hearts of those I have chosen. They have compassion for the people and will listen to My voice. I am reshuffling the leadership in companys who can impact this land. I will bring employment to the people. I will cause this land to flourish and be bountiful, people will see this is my land. Those who set out against my land will be exposed. Communities will no longer harbour these people out of fear of false loyalty. Watch for the exposure, in all situations I will uncover secrecy and lies. 
I am building a land of prosperity and abundance. A place of worship and joy. A home of intercession and prophecy. Rise up you intercessors and take hold of the task before you. Dreamers, see My plans and My heart towards you. Prophets arise and speak My truth and proclaim My intentions. 
This is a new day and My hand is upon you. I am answering the call of My people. 

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