June 2019

What is that oppressive heaviness that hangs so stubbornly over this country, a country that in times past has impacted the world? People feel as if they are wading through thick mud or are being dragged down by a determined quicksand. Just when it feels as if a little progress has been made serious knockbacks and frustration kick in to bring disappointment and further stagnation. Where are the leaders, where are the warriors and oh where are the prophetic voices to declare the word of the Lord? We despair as we see the devastation caused by drugs, suicides and the erosion of sound morals and Biblical principles. How has a supposedly Christian country yielded so meekly to the subtle wiles of the enemy? Who will speak out boldly and show the way? Surely it is time for God’s people to come out of the shadows and make their voices heard with conviction and power.

This truly is a pivotal time as soon the battle will rage with a fresh ferocity and momentum. We must be prepared for there is a strong sense that there are sufficient numbers who will go forth with the heavenly banner and claim a victory that will herald revival, prosperity and the obliteration of many satanic nests of vipers. People will rise up to expose extortion, abuse and debauchery. The intercessors have prayed and fasted and many from other nations have joined themselves to this cause for it is becoming clear that this small country will become a standard bearer and an example which others will seek to replicate and birth in their own lands. The lights that for many years sent their beams across the oceans may have dimmed almost to extinction but they will surely shine again and even brighter than before. 

Political and business leaders will be swept along by this forceful tide and will become sympathetic to the prophetic voices who will meet with them to bring clarity, strategy and fresh thinking. Churches will be revitalised and do things in a new, dynamic and compelling manner. The message will be very clear and unequivocal and people,without fully knowing why, will enter their doors to find answers that they have been unable to find anywhere else.

Yes Northern Ireland it is time to wake up and cast off the cloak of darkness and oppression and fan those dying embers into life, abundant life, once again. The heritage forged over the centuries has finally found its time of destiny and fulfilment. Let us rejoice, open our eyes and ears and welcome this fresh and exciting new dawn.

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