26/05/19 00:40

There is a wind blowing that demands change. It calls it out and commands that the changes hidden within be activated and empowered. The darkness is also speaking and creaking as it tried to maintain grip on familiar ground. Those in government will be dissolved who do not bend. Those with movement must choose which way they will move and take the first step. The stalemate has ended. There will be a period of unrest and uncertainty, it will seem chaotic but this period of shaking and moving is required to break the strongholds that have stood for so long. What you will see in the next few months will appear to be negative and will I still fear in those who do not know I am in control. Remember this will be a period of shaking loose and breaking and by the very nature of shake it will be to and fro. It will not settle until it is going the direction that I have chosen it to go. The enemy is fickle and will delight in the tides turning in the early days but I know what I am doing I will turn this land. Bloodthirsty demons will drown in my rivers. Grass will grow green and rich and bring forth abundance. You will not have the capacity to host the people who want to be here for this happening when it turns. 

Hold tight to me in the coming months. You are secure. Do not be caught up in every step for they mean nothing other than movement. Soar over the top like an eagle and know I am in control. The outcome is mine. The end result is mine. I will shake loose and expose those who seek destruction. Their communities will no longer tolerate or hide them. Justice will overpower fear. It will come at a cost. People will stand up against evil and declare that I am the Lord. My presence in Ireland will be restored and re-established. Celtic roots deep from the soil of Ireland will rise up to the sun again breaking through the ground at my command. The top layer of tar that has kept her subdued and restricted will be removed. She is beautiful, she is my land, and I am coming to revive her. 

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