The Lord says today: “My child open your ears and listen to my voice for there is much I wish to share with you. Cast aside all distractions and meet with me in that quiet place. Leave aside all those concerns, worries, troubles and difficulties and concentrate all your efforts on listening to me – for I would lift you above those things that so fill your mind and consume your energy. I would release you from the tension and from the fear that can grip you like a vice. Come now, draw near and let us spend some time together. I will grant you wisdom, supernatural wisdom, and I will open unexpected doors that will bring answers, opportunities and peace. I will show you my ways so that you will overcome all the obstacles the enemy would place in your way. I see your heart and I will surely satisfy its deep longings. Come to me and I will restore you, mould you, equip you, strengthen you and fill you with my power. It is time for you to seek my face earnestly and openly. So draw near for there is much I would change – and quickly – so that I can propel you into your destiny.”

Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say.” (Isaiah 28:23)

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